GleamPay | Swift and Secure

Sending & Receiving Payments through the GleamPay App has never been easier

Our in-person QR code system allows you to pay anytime and anywhere. Whether the QR code is printed on posters, billboards, or even just displayed on someone else's phone screen nearby, you can simply scan using your phone's inbuilt camera app or with the scanning feature included on the GleamPay app.

By using our system and selecting your bank of choice, you can instantly make quicker and easier payments.

What's Inside?

Take back control of your digital Payments

Download the GleamPay App here

Personal Feedback

Making impactful changes in our operations is only possible when we understand what our customers want and need throughout their customer journey. Customer feedback helps us eliminate blind spots and revenue leakage, and develop more efficient operations for increased mutual profitability.
I’ve tried using different platforms, however, GleamPay is an extraordinary instant payment QR Code based application.
Lydia, Student/Hostess
Outstanding application supports businesses by reducing their cost during cost of living crisis, I highly recommend and support it.
Tom, Business Researcher
GleamPay is a powerhouse payment application I am using in my day-to-day life and highly recommend to have for yourself.
Nancy, Merchandiser
Not carrying a card is not a problem anymore, the GleamPay QR Code instant payment application is all we need.
Cathrine, Working Professional
A couple of the things that make this payment application unique is the ability to pay securely and swiftly through the bank account.
Mark, Sales Representative
Just wrapped up my few first transaction through this genius platform, which makes me feel like I have been using it for a while.
Brian, Consultant
Moving from card payment to something else could have been scary and problematic, but GleamPay is a good to go.
Fearn, TechGig